Host an Effortless Spring Brunch

1. Keep the menu simple.

A make-ahead egg dish, oven-baked bacon, berries with yogurt and granola and muffins or scones are all welcome at the brunch table. Bonus: they can be assembled the day before and quickly warmed in the oven prior to guests’ arrival.

2. Prep the day before.

Set the table the night before, including coffee mugs and glassware. Seasonal flowers in low vases make for a pretty centerpiece that doesn’t obstruct conversation.

3. Stick to one signature drink.

Coffee can be brewed as guests arrive or served at the table in a French press. Keep the beverage options simple by serving just one signature drink – Rosé is always in style and works great with a varied menu.

4. Family-Style Rules.

Placing all the dishes on the table means guests can serve themselves and feel at-ease while you are free to enjoy the occasion and the meal.

5. Make your guests the focus of the event.

The best brunches are those where the guests linger and everyone has lots of laughs. In the end, it’s more about the conversation and good company.

6. Let the wine flow.

Don’t forget to relax and enjoy!