Santa Maria-Style BBQ

When you think of the Santa Maria Valley, you probably aren’t picturing BBQ, but Santa Maria-style BBQ is a hidden gem. Here’s how it’s made:

A beef tri-tip (a cut unique to California) is seasoned with a dry rub of black pepper, salt, and garlic salt and grilled over a fire made from California Coastal Red Oak or Coast Live Oak (native to California). The grill typically has a crank handle to raise and lower the meat into the flames. Should you need a side dish, typical accompaniments would be pinquito beans (considered indigenous to the Santa Maria Valley), fresh salsa, green salad, and warmed French bread with butter.

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If you want to try making this BBQ at home, you can find Red Oak wood chips on Amazon. If you’re local to the Santa Maria Valley, try picking some up at your local supermarket.

Some eateries to try Santa Maria-style BBQ next time you’re in the area: